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Women's Accessories


Patagonia Tech Web Belt

Burly polyester webbing belt, with anticorrosive aluminum bu..

Patagonia W's Los Gatos Cowl Neck Gaiter

Made of ultrasoft deep-pile 100% polyester fleece, the versa..

Patagonia W's Re-Tool Headband

This soft, high-pile fleece headband keeps your ears warm an..

Patagonia Friction Belt

Low-profile nylon webbing belt, with anticorrosive aluminum ..

Patagonia Lined Knit Headband

Our Lined Knit Headband keeps your ears warm but doesn’t o..

Patagonia Neck Warmer

Functional and toasty warm, this skin-friendly wool neck war..

Patagonia Micro D Gaiter

This 100% recycled polyester fleece gaiter insulates, wicks ..