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Black Diamond M's Stormline Stretch Rain Shell

Built to take on the worst downpours, the StormLine Stretch ..

Black Diamond Aspect Climbing Shoes

Built to handle endless splitters of the Creek, cragging day..

Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp

200 lumens of light and a modern waterproof housing, the Cos..

Black Diamond Posiwire 16 cm Quickdraw

A super-versatile draw with a snag-free Positron keylock car..

Black Diamond M's Momentum Harness

Our most popular choice for all-around use, the Momentum Har..

Black Diamond Orbit Lantern

A pocket-sized version of our popular Voyager, the Orbit is ..

Black Diamond Apollo Lantern

Completely redesigned for better, brighter in-camp illuminat..

Black Diamond FreeWire Quickdraw - 12 cm

A light, versatile draw that’s perfect for the climber on ..

Black Diamond 9.9 - 60m Climbing Rope

Built to withstand heavy-use, the Black Diamond 9.9 is a bur..

Black Diamond Zip Lantern

A lantern that also doubles as a very compact flashlight and..

Black Diamond Micron Accessory Carabiner - Large

Aluminum accessory carabiner for keys, water bottles and mor..

Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp - 2017

A revolutionary waterproof and USB-rechargeable headlamp tha..

Black Diamond Remoji Lantern

The versatile ReMoji provides bright and simple lighting per..

Black Diamond 18 mm Nylon Runner - 60 cm

Versatile sewn runners for building anchors, slinging natura..

Black Diamond Posiwire QuickPack 12 cm

With six versatile PosiWire draws in one convenient pack, th..