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Patagonia M's Down Sweater

Our Down Sweater’s featherweight, superbly compressible wa..
$229.00 $160.30

Patagonia M's Down Sweater Hoody

Our Down Sweater Hoody helps hold your warmth with 800-fill-..

Patagonia W's Torrentshell City Coat

Our Torrentshell City Coat is made from a highly compressibl..

Barbour W's Kilchurch Knit

Styled with clean lines for understated elegance, this knee-..

Barbour M's Quilted Lutz

Smart, stylish and super-insulating, the Quilted Lutz is a w..

Patagonia M's 3-in-1 Snowshot Jkt

Versatility at its best, the 3-in-1 Snowshot Jacket features..

Patagonia Patagonia W's Crosstrek Jkt

Crosstrek is Patagonia's most versatile fleece for unsurpass..

W's Kenmare Coat

Women’s winter coat, Kenmare, a thigh length quilted ladie..